Kingston Workshop Details

There is no need to prepare in advance.

The Kingston workshop is at 2:00 pm in the St. Andrew’s church hall and the cost of the workshop, which includes music, is $10.00 per person. The workshop will be about 1 ½ hours long including a bit of Q and A at the end, after which there will be about 15 minutes of mingle time.

Dr. Barr and the full choir will participate in the workshop, along with Open Voices Choir Director, Andy Rush.

Two pieces will be worked on and music will be provided: William Dawson’s  Aint’a That Good News! is our fast one, and a treatment of Poor Wayfaring Stranger is our slow one.  We will use these two pieces to learn Dr. Barr’s approach to

  • Warm up
  • Introducing repertoire
  • Analyzing and deconstructing tricky passages
  • Stylistic considerations for sing in the American Spiritual tradition

For much of the singing, workshop participants and the Golden Voices choir members will work in mixed ensemble; that is, participants will be right beside Tuskegee choir members in their vocal range.

Sign up for the workshop and have fun singing together!